The Productive Leader program gives a process to find and cultivate your personal productivity so you can increase your effectiveness and get more of what you want.

It’s about your time—how to use it, how to manage it, and how to be clear about the choices you make with it.

What is typically included in the program? The Productive Leader takes you through the 6 components to create a long-term shift to transform your productivity.

Prioritize:  What’s most important to you and why?

  • Visioning
  • Decision Making
  • Blocking & boundary setting

Planning: What is your process for clarifying & focusing regularly?

  • MART goals and a research-based approach to goal attainment
  • Milestones
  • Estimating capacity needs

Accountability: How are you creating accountability for self and others?

  • The tripod of accountability
  • Being “In” or “Out” of your commitments
  • Communication Wheel

Implementing Tools: How do your tools work with you to build trust and reduce stress?

  • Strategic use of calendar
  • Streamline email processing
  • Aligning the “To Do” list with goals
  • Organizing physical space to sync with your mind space

Saboteurs: What are your characteristics and mindsets that hold you back?

  • Four mindsets
  • Noting triggers and emotions and thoughts
  • Shifting patterns and habits of mind

Energy & Focus:

  • Four domains of energy
  • Using neuroscience to increase breakthroughs
  • Becoming Mindful: How do you stop and be present?


What is the outcome?

The program is developed to meet your specific goals. We jointly identify 1-3, high leverage SMART goals, and then work with you to provide support and accountability in meeting them. Through the combination of sessions, tools, content and action plans, you will move to a new way of leading yourself and others more productively.

What is the meeting schedule?

We meet, on average, 2 times per month for 3-4 months. Each session is 45 – 90 minutes in length. Additionally, there are e “touch point” meeting per month and email/phone access for laser-type issues. We will mutually determine the session duration and frequency that works for you.

Why coaching?

Attending a training course gives you information that is broadly applicable across the classroom. Coaching is specialized to talk about your individual needs in your particular scenario using your strengths for solving it. Coaching is by its nature the most tailored vehicle for building your personal leadership skills. It also provides you with a confidential resource in your role, and someone who can partner with you to accomplish what is most valuable for you.

What is a coach’s role?

A coach is trained to listen to what you say, as well as what you don’t say. It’s a collaborative relationship based on asking the right questions to discover solutions, ideas and new thoughts. Coaching provides a process for you to follow, and holds you accountable to reaching goals important to you. It is a commitment to support you in professional and personal growth. A coach enables you get to a breakthrough faster, and create lasting results.