Coaching is a series of conversations focused on a mutually agreed upon set of goals.

Coaching begins with getting specific about what success looks like. Once we identify the goals and a plan to get there, and my approach includes helping you become a more powerful and competent observer of yourself. You will be crystal clear of the assumptions, beliefs and filters used for how you are making interpretations and choosing your actions.

Also, we look at the whole person which includes language (internal and external), body, and moods/emotions as three separate but strongly interrelated aspects. We develop a “way of being” which impacts how we see the world and what actions we take.

Coaching includes taking practical action steps at the end of each session to try some new strategies in the real world, and have someone to share what worked and didn’t work with you as well as hold you accountable to your commitments you make.  It’s an ongoing process, and like a personal trainer, you will continue to work toward your goals outside of our meetings.

Sessions are typically twice per month with access via phone and e-mail.  It often works well to schedule a regular time of the day/week to create consistency and get some momentum with the process. The sessions take place over the phone and/or face-to-face, based on your schedule and preference.

Coaching gives you a confidential sounding board and a thinking partner along with some structure so you can get something you really want.


 We are always making a choice.

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