What are some coaching results?
  • I became more self-aware and got to know my triggers & hot buttons. It helped me be better prepared in stressful situations and I had more control over my reactions to some tough people issues.
  • It felt uncomfortable at first, but I really benefited from understanding some of my “blind spots” and how they impacted others. I really didn’t have a good sense of how I was coming across to them.
  • It was just having an objective, fresh perspective, and not getting stuck in my own thinking that helped me.
  • Also, I found myself able to hold multiple perspectives and see things from a variety of view points.  I used to spend a lot of time showing others I was right, and I didn’t see how it was costing me in the relationship.
  • I felt better in my own skin, and was more relaxed… Just less effort since there was more confidence.
  • It was having a bigger toolbox for communication skills and building relationships. In my new position, I had a lot more personalities to deal with, and finding how to customize my message was key. I also liked that it was practical and things could be used for future jobs.
  • I had more confidence, and began to see that I didn’t have to have all the answers and learned how to really trust my team. It was a different kind of experience for me, and definitely more fun.
  • Coaching showed me how tough I was on myself, and I was my own worst critic. I realized how I could sabotage myself before I had a chance to really do anything.  Improving my self-regard was a life changer.
  • I noticed my conversations were more productive – there was less duplication of efforts from all of us and they took less time.  As a team, we didn’t take things as personally and it opened us to things that helped us take some risks in areas.
  • It didn’t happen at first, but over time I saw the trust level increase and we became more willing to take responsibility for ourselves and not blame others for stuff.
  • My relationship with my daughter is better – the listening skills helped me to connect with her in a different way. It made a difference for us and the family.

Clients also say that they got something specific, such as the promotion, aced the presentation, made partner, exceeded work-related goals, or had more influence in some decision or process.


Here are some coaching results by role:

Senior Vice President, national commercial construction company – Newly promoted leader in quickly growing company and wanted to sharpen leadership skills to set a vision, improve influencing skills and communicate effectively with a diverse set of team members.

President, regional healthcare company – Executive felt overwhelmed with internal company demands due to lean staffing and external market pressures, and wanted to streamline prioritization processes and integrate greater level of work/life balance.

Board chair, major non profit – Sought to increase influence and gain support for major change initiatives within the board structure due to major reorganization.

Senior Researcher, global manufacturer – Team leader sought to build relationships and improve collaboration for better problem solving and inclusion on the flow of information.

Attorney, large regional firm – Successful professional increased leadership presence to her peers/other partners within firm, increase ability to network within the community and build credibility in her personal brand.

Executive Vice President, national trade organization – Experienced increased demands from growth and adding of direct reports, and wanted to delegate more effectively and get results through others.  Also, she wanted to evaluate her team’s overall direction, goals and roles, and get greater level of buy-in from her team.

Sales Vice President, distribution company – Increased social awareness and manage relationships to better manage conflict and develop others.

Chief Information Officer, regional IT company –  Wanted to improve his communication style to be more concise and direct, and increase credibility with his team and client base.

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