Our Leadership Development combines group-based leadership sessions, accountability circles and one-on-one coaching to help leaders take their performance to the next level and get results.

Success as leaders depends less on what we can accomplish on our own, and more on what we can achieve by working with and through others.

Many of us gain deep functional and technical knowledge and skills in school, college and traditional training programs. But we often don’t learn how to gain self-awareness, to question our thinking and shift into more powerful way of leading, improve collaborative action, how to create mutually-beneficially relationships with colleagues, or how to have the purposeful, effective (and sometimes difficult) conversations that actually drive the company’s most important results.

Most of us – if we do acquire these competencies at all – do so the hard way, through our life experiences. And for increasing numbers of organizations in a wide variety of industries, the ability to initiate and build strong relationships and have effective conversations are the foundation upon which extraordinary breakthrough results are achieved.

This leadership program is about acquiring and practicing these skills and competencies. It provides a new foundation and new set of tools for improving leadership effectiveness, professional and personal productivity, relationships, “emotional intelligence” and our ability to actually achieve results desired in a wide variety of areas.

Key Outcomes:

  • Increased self-awareness and knowledge your approach impacts others
  • Improved emotional intelligence and relationship building skills
  • Increased trust, collaboration, and accountability
  • Greater effectiveness in producing desired outcomes
  • Broader set of tools, strategies and frameworks to shift perspectives

Program Structure:

The program is typically presented as 8 half-day modules, with each module spread out over time with assignments to be completed between session as well as the start of the program. This allows participants to reflect on, apply, and deepen the learning. In addition, participants learn with and through and from each other – in the process enhancing communication and relationships, trust, collaboration and teamwork, and boost individual and team effectiveness and productivity and performance. The program can also be customized to suit the specific needs.


Core Competencies Learning Goals
Module 1: Off-site Retreat – Self-Awareness, Determine the Vision
  • Create self-awareness (OAR)
  • The case for leadership
  • Define leadership vision
  • Understand self through assessment
    • Value cards
    • DiSC/Motivators
    • Strengths Assessment
    • Emotional Intelligence
    • Enneagram
Module 2: Identify Leadership Goals
  • Learn the neuroscience behind change
  • Strategies to write an effective development plan
  • Manage energy and self-care
  • Prioritize, executive focus, delegation and time management
  • Shift to growth mindset from fixed mindset
  • Understanding a breakthrough in thinking
Module 3: Creating Vision
  • Learn characteristics of an effective vision
  • How to create “followership”
  • The 5 human motivators (SCARF)
  • Growing skills as a “Multiplier” –amplify the capabilities of others
  • Distinguish events from explanations
  • Improve quality of listening
Module 4: Coaching your Team
  • Use the GROW model to coach others
  • More effectively provide feedback
  • Learn the “Lazy Coaching” method
  • Improve quality of listening; ABC’s
  • Use solution-oriented questions to promote insight with others
  • Recognize and reward others
 Module 5: Creating Accountability
  • Make and manage clear commitments
  • Learn the 3-steps of accountability: mindset of responsibility, taking action through empowerment and answering for outcomes.
  • Making clear requests, offers and promises
  • The Ladder of Inference and making interpretations


Module 6: Handling Difficult Conversations
  • Using the Communications Wheel to increase effectiveness
  • Leverage the power of conversations and questions
  • Initiate and successfully have difficult conversations


Module 7: Developing Emotional Intelligence  
  • Understand the 4 building blocks of EQ
  • Learn brain basics and why emotion matters
  • Make the connections between moods and emotions and results
  • Recognize and shift into more empowering moods
  • Learning your triggers


Module 8: Closing Meeting
  • Review key learning and connect the dots
  • Reflect on accomplishments; growth
  • Strategies for continued learning
  • Ways to pay the learning forward