Workshop Services   

The Acorn Group offers the following workshops to teams and organizations.  We want to design programs based on your needs and appreciate the opportunity to have a conversation to find out what you want.

Effective and Clear Communication
Re-learning the art of speaking and listening 

Learning how to effectively communicate with each other is an essential skill for team members and leaders at all levels in the organization. Leave the workshop with increased ability to:

  • Give and receive effective feedback
  • Make clear requests
  • Ask powerful, solution oriented questions for more purposeful conversations
  • Apply “Level 3” listening to help you hear what the other person is not saying, so you can uncover the key issues
  • Diffuse potentially sensitive issues
  • Uncover assumptions to intent

Build your Resilience & Flexibility Muscles
Identify triggers, self-limiting beliefs and reactions

Our beliefs play the starring roles in our stories, and how we treat those actors effect the number of repeat performances.  Identifying our triggers and increasing our self-awareness can help us see the lens we use to interpret our world. The new perspectives help us to make more powerful choices and ultimately, build our resilience and flexibility by offering us a greater array of choices. In this program, we will:

  • Look at what holds us back from getting what we really want
  • Explore “Learned Optimism” and research-based ways to improve resiliency
  • Understand the differences between an assessment and assertion
  • Experience the power of writing your own story
Coaching for Breakthroughs
Transform the Way your Team Thinks & Solves Problems

What if you coached your team toward more powerful ways to think, and as a result, could transform performance?  As a leader and coach, it’s tempting to put their “monkey” on your back! Learn techniques to improve ownership and accountability, and what it takes for each person to experience breakthroughs.

  • Understand basics of the brain and how breakthroughs occur
  • Build conversations on mutual trust, respect and openness
  • Demonstrate powerful questioning to uncover root cause, not symptoms
  • Hold open conversations to facilitate possibilities and new opportunities
  • Lead conversations to help team members get unstuck and moving in a new direction

Neuroscience of Performance
How our brains work to improve decision making, conflict resolution and group behavior   

No doubt we function at a higher level when we are fully engaged with our work. But what does our brain have to do with this? In this program, we will explore the plasticity of the brain, and the impact of emotion on thinking styles and decision making. 

  • Look at a 6-step approach to develop new neural pathways
  • Learn to regulate your emotions
  • Increase positive emotions in your work and personal life
  • Use a greater capacity of your brain’s resource for new breakthroughs
  • Learn to focus attention and become more mindful

Creating Development Plans & Goals that Stick
Getting results that matter and supporting long-term change

Along with New Year’s Resolutions, we often complete the annual performance plan, and like the Resolution, start with good intent, but lack the results needed from the attaining goals. Instead of checking this routine off the list, create a dynamic and personalized development plan that sticks.

  • Learn a research-based process of goal setting
  • Understand neuroscience to unlock motivation and focus
  • Connect your development plan with a broader vision of success
  • Find milestones and feedback meters along the way to let you know where you stand
  • Distinguish between activities and results, and align results to your performance goals
  • Leverage your strengths and build bridges to areas of development
  • Identify your accountability sources