Could your team improve how they get things done? 

We work with teams who want to get better at communicating with each other, improve the trust levels with one another, have higher levels of accountability, and get crystal clear on priorities and key results.

Breakthrough Team Performance is team-based coaching approach. Using a framework for high performing teams, the team as a whole sets a goal, and each team member works on what they can do to strengthen the team. These action steps are used in the actual work the team is doing, and each meeting builds on what worked and what didn’t work in real-time. It’s a practical and proven way to get your team to the next level.

What’s a High Performing Team and how it is different than a group?

Teams are different than groups. A It is important to distinguish between a group and a team. A group is a collection of individuals who have individual goals, do independent work, and succeed or fail based on their individual efforts. A team is three or more people who have a common goal, whose ability to achieve that goal is dependent on each other, who share common leadership, and who share success or failure.  Is your team acting like a group or a team?

What’s my role? 

People have two roles within a team: functional and psychological. Functional roles are defined by a person’s position or title – chief executive, engineer, accountant, etc. Psychological roles are roles to which people naturally gravitate based on their personalities.  When you join a new team, there is a natural phase of searching to find where you fit in, and their psychological role plays a key part in the overall team functioning and impacts the results. Do team members understand both of their roles?

How does the team impact culture? 

People’s core motives, values, and interests affect every aspect of their lives, from what they find rewarding to their behavior. When the majority of a team’s members share the same values, it forms the basis for team norms, culture, and decision making. When you have shared values, it impacts the team coherency, efficiency and stability.